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Malaysia Profession Influential Entrepreneurs Organization (PIEO) is a chamber of commerce established in the year 2015, mainly formed by a group of past winners of International Most Impactful Awards, elite business leaders, and renowned personalities.


The Organization strives to discover outstanding corporations, actively promotes and develops their business influence and overall advancement, enhances the level of brand awareness, strengthens the implementation of strategy in impactful business in various networks and alliances on the international level, hence making strong and positive contributions towards revitalizing the country’s advancement in international business impact and a harmonious society.


By addressing the four major fields such as business research, corporate visits, charity contributions, personal development courses and international conferences, we have increased the competitiveness of various businesses and strengthen ties, running various forums and workshops strongly focusing on internationally impactful businesses, setting up a golden platform for various local and international professionals and renowned entrepreneurs to network and share their experiences.


The PIEO Annual Summit, in collaboration with Asia Success Inc. Branding Magazine, created one of the global most influential awards recognition known as the “International Most Impactful Awards”, which would provide winners an edge in their business expansion, increase brand awareness and further enhance their reputation, all in tandem with our aim to create a greater social impact for humanity.


In addition, the Organization now announces the establishment of Beijing office, with the officially grand launching on 11th of August 2016, marking greater ties between Malaysia and China in the history of both countries, in the same time laying down an important platform for cultural exchange and business cooperation.


PIEO nurtures and promotes outstanding businesses, foster and harness the synergy of collaborative efforts as leverage, setting goals on creating more unique and influential corporations on the international platform.

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